Our Corrugated Sign Services

By focusing on Corrugated sign products, Simple Sign reduces our job turnaround time and is able to offer our customers very competitive pricing. Our goal is to make our customer’s ordering process easy, painless, and streamlined. We do this by offering an all-inclusive sign service. Our all-inclusive sign service includes: graphic design, design proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and sign removal.

 Sign Graphic Design

or development, rezoning, and variance signs, your local municipality will provide the information that your sign is required to display. Simple Sign’s services include taking that information and formatting it, based on the appropriate sign requirements for your municipality. Once we have created the graphic design for your sign, we will send you a proof. Proofs can also be sent directly to your city planner for approval.

For commercial real estate signs, we use the company logos and contact information the realtor wishes to display. We will create the perfect sign to represent the realtor and the company they work for.

 Sign Installation

Upon final proof approval, your sign will be manufactured and installed, within three business days. Sign installation generally includes the use of 2″ x 4″ frames, which are staked into the ground. To add to sign stability, we also back our signs with three 1″ x 4″ pieces of wood. For instances that stakes cannot be used, a cradle sign (sign weighted with cement blocks) may be required.

 Sign Updates

In some instances, changes may be required for a development, rezoning, or commercial real estate sign that has already been installed. In this case, we simply provide an updated sign patch, rather than changing the entire sign. This ensures your requested changes are made quickly and cost-effectively. There is no limit to the number of patches that can be applied to your sign, so make changes as you see fit.

 Sign Removal

At Simple Sign, we strive to reduce our environmental impact. Sign removal service is always included in our all-inclusive sign package for locally installed signs. Instead of your sign ending up in a landfill, we will recycle and reuse all sign materials. Additionally, this will save you the time, cost, and effort in the disposing of your Corrugated sign yourself, while helping Simple Sign to reduce it’s environmental impact. Our sign removal service ensures that we do all the work for our customers, from start to finish.

Real Estate Signs

Coloured Horizontal Lee & Associate For Lease Sign
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Development Signs

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Rezoning Signs

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Construction Signs

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