Rezoning Signs for the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area

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Rezoning Sign

Coloured Horizontal Vancouver Rezoning Application Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Red Richmond Rezoning Application Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Burnaby Rezonning Application Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Blue Delta Development Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Green Surrey Development Proposal Sign Street View

New Westminster

Rezoning Sign

Blue New Westminister Rezoning Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Green Langley Development Proposal Sign Street View


Rezoning Sign

Coloured Coquitlam Development Application Sign Street View

Rezoning Signs for the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area

Rezoning signs are very similar to development signs and they are often seen throughout Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area Municipalities. The dimensions for the majority of these signs are 4 x 8 feet and 4 x 6 for rezoning signs located in Delta. The main purpose of this signage is to inform the public of a potential rezoning of a property.

Corrugated is the most commonly used material for rezoning signs in all local municipalities. In the past, plywood was the choice material for these signs, but most sign companies will now use Corrugated. Corrugated is ideal for rezoning signs because it is light weight, cost effective, and can easily be reused or recycled. Simple Sign offers an all-inclusive sign service for all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area Municipalities. This all-inclusive sign service includes: graphic design/proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and a free/optional sign removal. Simple Sign specializes in development and rezoning signs and we are very familiar with the sign guidelines and requirements for all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area Municipalities.


Municipality Development Sign Requirements

Each Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipality has specific requirements and guidelines for what information should be included on development signs and for sign placement. For more information on the development application process for Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipalities, click the following links: VancouverBurnabyDeltaRichmondSurrey.

We Recycle all of Our Sign Materials

The materials used for the Corrugated development signs can easily be reused and recycled. For this reason, Simple Sign always tries to include a free and optional sign removal service with development and rezoning sign orders. This helps save our customers the time and effort of disposing of their signs once they are no longer needed. Also, this helps Simple Sign to keep our signs out of landfills and reduce our company’s impact on the environment. Reducing our environmental footprint is one of Simple Sign’s top priorities and we appreciate our customer support in doing this.

Rezoning Application Process

When is a development application needed? According to the city of Vancouver, development is “any change in the use of any land or building, or the carrying out of any construction, engineering or other operation in, on, over or under land, or land covered by water.”  For more information on Vancouver’s development application process, click here. If you are ever unsure about whether or not a development application is required, contact your local municipality. This could avoid a huge headache in the long-run.

There are various steps in the development application process. First, contact your municipality Enquiry Centre to check the zoning and relevant bylaws for your property. It is important that the bylaws are current. Next, meet with one of your city’s development planners. You can set up a pre-design conference to learn more about design guidelines and ensure that you are prepared for application. The next step is applying. Be sure to bring all the required documents and drawings with you. To avoid wasting time, check your municipality’s website for a list of application requirements. Along with applying for your development permit, you must pay your application fee. The fees are usually based on the floor area of the development, but they may vary depending on the application’s complexity.


Once you have applied for your development, your application with be reviewed. The time for review can vary, depending on various factors. After your development application has been reviewed, your application may be approved, approved with conditions, or refused.

If your application is approved, your will be required to co-ordinate with a sign company to design and install development signs or rezoning signs. That’s where Simple Sign comes in! We will work with your city’s planners to be sure your sign displays the correct information. Our services include: graphic design and design proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and sign removal. From start to finish, we do all the work for you. This will make your signs’ ordering process streamlined, easy, and painless.

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