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*3-Day installation upon client design approval

Corrugated Signs for Metro Vancouver & Greater Toronto

Simple Sign is a company that provides corrugated signs for the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area. Corrugated construction signs are a cost-effective choice to display construction site rules and advertise for a company.

These signs are typically sized 4’ x 4’ or 4’ x 8’ but we also offer custom sizes to suit our client’s requests. Metal grommets are often placed in the corners of these signs allowing them to be easily zap-strapped to a perimeter fence.

Our team can support clients with the graphic design, printing, installation and removal for construction signs. Once we understand the information you wish to display on your construction sign, our graphic designers can send design proofs for client approval and revision requests.

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Hassle Free Design & Printing

Save yourself the headache of messing around with print shops. Simple Sign specializes in commercial signs and will make sure that your signs meet regulatory requirements and look sharp. Signs are fully customizable and proofs can be sent to your city planner for approval.

Speedy Installation

Time is money in the real estate and development industry. Upon approval of your proofs, Simple Sign will print and install your sign within 3 business days. To make sure your signs stand strong, each one is staked or weighted and backed with three 1×4” pieces of wood.

Responsible Removal

When you’re done with your Corrugated sign, Simple Sign will promptly remove and recycle it, free of charge. This saves you the time and cost of removal and disposal and reduces the environmental impact of your projects.

Why We Use Corrugated Plastic Signs

At Simple Sign, all of our signs are made with a recyclable corrugated plastic that reduces our impact on the environment while offering our customers a reliable and cost-effective product.

Reduce: The structure of the corrugated plastic sign produces superior strength and durability at a lower weight enabling Simple Sign to offer their customers a reliable product while using less overall material.

Reuse: Because of the innate durability and structure of the corrugated plastic sheets our signs are produced with, they can easily be reused bringing down the overall waste of our products. Simple Sign also offers an all-inclusive service including free sign removal for all locally positioned signs making the reuse of our products easier than ever.

Recycle: At the end of corrugated plastic sign’s useful life, the entire product can easily be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

Fast, Hassle Free, Reliable and Recyclable Corrugated Plastic Signs

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