Milton Development Permit Application Guide

Development in the City of Milton requires that you complete a development application for all new developments in the city. This includes developing new subdivisions and condominiums. All new developments must align with Milton’s Official Plan and zoning regulations

In order to make the application for your development easier, we’ve listed the steps you need to take in order to get your development project going and explain how and when Simple Sign can help facilitate this process for you.

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How to Apply for a Development Permit in Milton

Step 1: Attend a Pre-Consultation Meeting

A pre-consultation meeting is required before the acceptance of a planning application for:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Plan of Condominiums
  • Plan of Subdivision or Vacant Land condominium
  • Land Severances (consent)

This pre-consultation meeting is used to better identify the studies and reports required to begin the development application process as well as to obtain and provide information required to better process the application.

Step 2: Identify Zoning By-law and Contact Planning Department

In the case that your application does not follow the zoning by-laws of the City of Milton, you may be required to submit additional applications. These applications may include the Official Plan amendments, the Rezoning amendments, and the Minor variance.

Due to the current circumstances, electronic submissions are available for Zoning By-law amendments, Official Plan amendments, draft plans of subdivision, draft plans of condominium, minor variances, consents, site plan approvals and exemptions from part lot control. To begin the submission process, you will need to email the Town’s Planning Administrator to inform them that you intend to submit an application and/or resubmission.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

A link will be sent to you by the Planning Administrator for you to upload all your required files. All electronic files, including application forms, reports and drawings must be:

  • In PDF format
  • AODA compliant
  • Uncompressed (no zip files, no folders and writable) and
  • Labelled correctly

Once received, the Planning Administrator will confirm receipt of upload and provide you with information regarding payment of fees.

Step 4: Install Signage

At this point, the City will request for the applicant to install one or more development application signs on their property that notifies other landowners and community members of your plans, and that an application has been submitted.

The City will inform the applicant an outline of how many signs are required and also the exact text which should be included on the development application sign(s). This process often means dealing with the hassles approval, dealing with sign shops and the annoyance of building frames to display your signs properly.

The team at Simple Sign can use this letter from the city planner to create the graphic design for the sign and install the development sign quickly and at a competitive price point.
Simple Sign is also able to proof any development sign information to ensure it meets requirements and submit sign information directly to the City for approval.
We guarantee the installation of development signs within 3 business days, removing the burden of handling signage design and installation from your busy schedule. 
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Step 5: Submit Payment

Payment can be made through cheque to the Town’s drop box addressed to the Planning Administrator with the development application referenced. Contact the Town’s Planning Administration for more details. Note that the Town will not process any development applications without the application review fees. Any additional payment required from the Region of Halton or Conservation Halton applicable to your application requires a confirmation that the applicable fees have been paid prior to the processing of any applications.

Step 6: Issuance of Development Permit

After all of the requirements for your project have been met if you had a conditional approval, a development permit will be granted for your project.