New Westminster Development Permit Application Guide

The City of New Westminster has a comprehensive process for reviewing and processing development permit applications. The applications are reviewed at several levels from various city departments and the City Council. All applications for development permits are processed by the City’s Planning Division.

In order to make the application process for your project easier, we’ve listed the steps you need to take to get your proposed project going, and explain how and when Simple Sign can help facilitate this process for you.

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How to Apply for a Development Permit in New Westminster

Step 1: Attend a Pre-Application Meeting with the City of New Westminster

The first step in getting a development permit from the City of New Westminster is to conduct a preliminary review of your proposed project with the Planning Division. During this meeting, you will review the details of your project and ensure adherence to development permit guidelines, zoning bylaws, and necessary documentation for your application. If your proposed development also requires a change in zoning, check out Simple Sign’s Guide on the City of New Westminster’s Rezoning Process. 

Applicants will be advised on the necessary services they may need for their project such as architects, engineers or other outside consultants. Bringing any supporting documents on the proposed project to this meeting is very helpful.

Step 2: Prepare and Submit Your Development Permit Application

When filling out the application, ensure that all guidelines have been met in order to reduce processing time and improve your application’s chance of approval. New Westminster has separate development permit areas, you can find the applicable area for your property here.

Involve any outside consultants in the preparation of your application to ensure any complex information needed is provided accurately in the application. An appointment to review your application with the Planning division is recommended to ensure completeness and all supporting documents are submitted with the application. 

The Development Permit Application form is available at the New Westminster City Hall, and can be submitted once complete at the City Hall as well.

Step 3: Review of Your Development Application

Once the application has been submitted, it is first reviewed for completeness and may be sent back to you if there is missing information. The application undergoes a technical review by city planners and other departments and committees. A request for additional documentation or materials on your proposed project and will be requested if necessary. 

The applicant is also required to consult with the public on the proposed project, as they are directly affected by the neighbouring building operations. In some cases, a presentation to the resident’s association of the neighborhood of the development may be required. 

Step 4: Requirement of Development Application Signs

At this point, the City will request for the applicant to install one or more development application signs on their property that notifies other landowners and community members of your plans, and that an application has been submitted.

The City will send the applicant a letter to outline how many signs are required and also the exact text which should be included on the development application sign(s). This process often means dealing with the hassles approval, dealing with sign shops and the annoyance of building frames to display your signs properly.

The team at Simple Sign can use this letter from the city planner to create the graphic design for the sign and install the development sign quickly and at a competitive price point.
Simple Sign is also able to proof any development sign information to ensure it meets requirements and submit sign information directly to the City for approval.
We guarantee the installation of development signs within 3 business days, removing the burden of handling signage design and installation from your busy schedule. 
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Step 5: Review by NWDP and LUPC

Further review of the proposed development is conducted by the New Westminster Design panel and Land Use and Planning Committee.

The NWDP and LUPC make comments and recommendations for your proposal and work with you to tailor your development application to meet the requirements of the City. After review by these groups, your permit application is reviewed and by the Council. 

Step 6: Reporting and Decision by City Council

In the final stages of the application review, a report generated by planning staff will be presented to City Council to review the application. A decision on whether to approve or deny the application occurs at this stage, or a request for additional information. 

If the Council approves the development permit, the Planning Division will then send a registered permit to yourself and the Land Title & Survey. 

Once you have received the development permit, a subsequent building permit application will be required.