Vancouver Rezoning Permit Application Guide

The City of Vancouver has a comprehensive process for rezoning land. Rezoning applications are reviewed at several levels from rezoning planners, formal reports and public hearings.

Application for rezoning in Vancouver is a multi-step process. We’ve listed the steps you need to take to get your project going, and explain how and when Simple Sign can help facilitate this process for you.

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How to Apply for a Rezoning Permit in Vancouver

Step 1: Identify and Review your Zoning District and Regulations

The City of Vancouver is split up into different zoning districts, and the by-laws vary between these districts. Check out this map provided by the City in order to find your zoning district. Review the applicable zoning by-laws for your property in the City zoning district schedule library to verify your proposed project. Finally, assess the rezoning policies in your zone to ensure compliance.

Step 2: Get Advice on Your Proposed Property Rezoning

Although you are not obligated to complete this form in your rezoning application, it is recommended by the City of Vancouver to allow rezoning planners and members of the community to provide advice and feedback that will reduce policy and reduce headaches down the road. Complete the form here

If your proposed rezoning is supported, the City of Vancouver will send a letter that entails the recommended course of action for your property.

Step 3: Prepare and Submit Your Rezoning Application

After reviewing your proposal and conducting pre-application meetings, make the final edits to your application with considerations made from meetings with the public and tenants. For CD-1 rezoning, the City is able to attend meetings, open houses, and provide checklists to improve your proposal.

Schedule a meeting with the City to book a meeting to review your completed rezoning application. Be sure to include all documents in the checklist provided by the City.

Processing typically takes at least one year to reach approval from the application date. This time period is subject to change depending on several factors such as complexity, missing information or revisions. 

Step 4: Review and Referral of Your Rezoning Application

The City of Vancouver conducts a detailed review of each application, and requests feedback from the public on the proposed project. The City Council may refer the application to a public hearing if they think it is appropriate. 

At this point, the City will request for the applicant to install one or more rezoning application signs on their property that notifies other landowners and community members of your plans, and that an application has been submitted.

The City will send the applicant a letter to outline how many signs are required and also the exact text which should be included on the rezoning application sign(s). This process often means dealing with the hassles approval, dealing with sign shops and the annoyance of building frames to display your signs properly.

The team at Simple Sign can use this letter from the city planner to create the graphic design for the sign and install the rezoning application sign quickly and at a competitive price point.
Simple Sign is also able to proof any rezoning sign information to ensure it meets requirements and submit sign information directly to the City for approval.
We guarantee the installation of rezoning signs within 3 business days, removing the burden of handling signage design and installation from your busy schedule. 
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Step 5: City Council Public Hearing

For rezonings that require by-law changes, the City of Vancouver is required to host public hearings at which analysis and final decisions on rezoning applications occurs. Changes to the status of the application result in the need for an updated rezoning sign at the property. 

In these cases, Simple Sign provides an updated rezoning sign patch, rather than changing the entire sign.

This ensures your requested changes are made quickly and cost-effectively. There is no limit to the number of patches that can be applied to your sign, so make changes as you see fit.

Step 6: Issuance of Rezoning Permit and Development Application

Following the approval of your Rezoning Application, you are eligible to apply for a development permit. Check out Simple Sign’s Guide on Applying for a Development Permit in Vancouver to learn more about proceeding with your project. 

When it’s time for the switch to a property development sign, removal service is always included in Simple Sign’s all-inclusive sign package for locally installed signs. Instead of your sign ending up in a landfill, we will recycle and reuse all sign materials.