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Corrugated Signs- Common Uses for Corrugated Signs

By May 8, 2014June 23rd, 2014Uncategorized

Simple Sign is a Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area company specializing in Corrugated Signs. Why Corrugated Signs? Corrugated Signs are durable and light in weight. They can withstand Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area weather conditions and have a useful life of many years. The best thing about Corrugated is it can be reused and recycled. In fact, Simple Sign includes sign removal in our all-inclusive sign package. This ensures that our Corrugated Signs stay out of landfills. We reuse a majority of our signs and, in cases where the Corrugated Sign cannot be reused, we ensure the material is recycled.

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Corrugated Signs are often used by Architects, Developers, Construction Companies, and Real Estate Agents. There are various application for Corrugated Signs, but the most common uses include:

Development Signs

In all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipalities it is common to see Development Signs. Development Signs are required to inform the public of a potential development on a property. In the past, Development Signs were often made with plywood. Plywood is very durable, but it weighs and costs more than Corrugated. Today, it is common to see Corrugated Development Signs in all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipalities. Simple Sign installs many Development Signs in the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area and we are very familiar with the guidelines for each municipality.

Rezoning Signs

Rezoning Signs are very similar to Development Signs. They inform the public that there is a proposed rezoning of the property by the owner. Corrugated Signs are commonly used for Rezoning Signs. After a Rezoning Sign is no longer required, the owner will typically throw the sign away. That’s where Simple Sign’s sign removal service is ideal. We reuses the Corrugated Sign and keep our products out of landfills.

Construction Site Signs

Corrugated Signs are regularly used at construction sites and they are often attached to perimeter fences. Construction companies uses Corrugated Signs to display their company logos, post site rules and regulations, and to provide directions for visitors to the construction sites.

Commercial Real Estate Signs

We drive past Commercial Real Estate Signs every day. Whether it be Form Retail, Colliers, or Marcus & Millichap, the choice material for a majority of Commercial Real Estate Signs is Corrugated. These signs will inform people that a commercial property is being sold or leased. Additionally, the logos and contact information for the commercial realtors are often found on these Corrugated Signs.

General Advertising

Corrugated Signs can be used by any company to display company logos, branding, contact information, and to bring awareness to a promotion. We encourage any company to choose Corrugated Signs as a cost effective way to advertise their business.

No matter what type of Corrugated Sign you may need, Simple Sign is the leading Corrugated Sign company you should choose. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and offer a streamlines and painless ordering process. If you would like a quote for a Corrugated Sign, please click here.

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