Oakville Rezoning Permit Application Guide

Applying for rezoning in the city of Oakville is currently all done electronically through the Electronic Permits Application Applications page, as of February 1, 2021. Applications for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, Draft Plan of Condominium and Site Plan approval are required to follow the pre-consultation process as required by By-law 2007-106, or any amendments or replacements to that By-law. This process will be held over ZOOM or GoTo app during the pandemic.

In order to make the rezoning permit application process for your project easier, we’ve listed the steps you need to take to get your proposed project going, and explain how and when Simple Sign can help facilitate this process for you. 

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How to Apply for a Rezoning Permit in Oakville

Step 1: Attend a Pre-Consultation Meeting

Attend a pre-consultation meeting before submitting a planning application, which is meant to identify all key issues and the approvals required with your project, and confirm the supporting materials that must be submitted with the planning applications. Reviewing the Terms of Reference for the Urban Design Brief will be beneficial for most development applications, and a consultation with a Planning and Urban Design staff prior to requesting a Pre-consultation Meeting is recommended. A submission of a completed Pre-consultation Request and all the required supporting material in the Request form must be done 14 working days prior to the pre consultation meeting electronically.

Step 2: Submit Documentation to the City

To be considered complete under the Planning Act for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, draft plan of subdivision and draft plan for condominium the following items must be made available to Town:

  • Completed application form
  • Cover letter
  • All information and materials prescribed by statue
  • Executed Pre-consultation Agreement
  • Minutes of developers meeting
  • All supporting information and materials required to be provided with the initial submission pursuant to the Pre-consultation agreement in a digital format including 2 hard copies of each plan/drawing, and,
  • The prescribed application fee
  • The digital copies must also be named in an organized and descriptive manner according to the following format: File Number_Condensed Name_Version Number_Date (with no spaces)

Step 3: Submit Digital Application

Applicants must also request for permission to submit a new development/site plan application digitally to [email protected] or resubmit to an existing application. In this new submission, you must include the applicant’s name, address of site, type of application to be submitted, draft plan subdivision/Draft Plan of Condominium/concept plan/site plan, date of pre-consultation meeting, signed pre-consultation form, signed application form, fee calculation, and date of developer public information meeting or indicate intent to hold a developer public information meeting at the appropriate time.

Step 4: Install Rezoning Signage

At this point, the City will request for the applicant to install one or more rezoning application signs on their property that notifies other landowners and community members of your plans, and that an application has been submitted.

The City will send the applicant a letter to outline how many signs are required and also the exact text which should be included on the rezoning application sign(s). This process often means dealing with the hassles approval, dealing with sign shops and the annoyance of building frames to display your signs properly.

The team at Simple Sign can use this letter from the city planner to create the graphic design for the sign and install the rezoning application sign quickly and at a competitive price point.
Simple Sign is also able to proof any rezoning sign information to ensure it meets requirements and submit sign information directly to the City for approval.
We guarantee the installation of rezoning signs within 3 business days, removing the burden of handling signage design and installation from your busy schedule. 
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Step 5: Send payment for Application Fee

Once the applicants request is received, a reference number will be made available through the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or E-mail Transfer. The Planning file number will be assigned once the fee is received. In the case that it is a resubmission of an existing application where a fee is required, use the planning file number already assigned. Once the Town’s finance department has received the fee, Conservation Halton and Halton Region will deem the application as complete and begin circulation.

Step 6: Issuance of Rezoning Permit and Development Application

Following the approval of your Rezoning Application, you are eligible to apply for a development permit. Check out Simple Sign’s Guide on Applying for a Development Permit in Oakville to learn more about proceeding with your project. 

When it’s time for the switch to a property development sign, removal service is always included in Simple Sign’s all-inclusive sign package for locally installed signs. Instead of your sign ending up in a landfill, we will recycle and reuse all sign materials.