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Development Signs and Rezoning Signs- How Simple Sign Makes Life Easy for our Customers

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At Simple Sign we specialize in Corrugated Signs for the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area. Some types of Corrugated Signs that our customers typically order are Development Signs and Rezoning Signs. Development Signs and Rezoning Signs are commonly used by Architects, Development Companies, and home owners. Our customers love working with Simple Sign for a very important reason- we make life easy for them! Simple Sign makes life easy for our customers in two main ways: by dealing directly with our customer’s city planners and by offering an all-inclusive sign service.

Dealing Directly With City Planners 

When there is a development or rezoning of property, a Corrugated Sign is required to inform the public that a development on the property or a rezoning of the property will take place. The city planner will supply directions on what information the sign needs to display and where the sign should be located. That’s where Simple Sign comes in! We take the directions provided by the city planner and create a graphic design for our customer’s sign. During the proofing process, Simple Sign will deal directly with the city planner to get approval for the graphic design. We always cc our customers in every interaction between Simple Sign and the city planner to ensure our customers are up to date on the sign’s status.

Upon proof approval from the city planner, Simple Sign will install the Development Signs or Rezoning Signs. Each Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipality requires a photo of the installed sign to be sent to the city planner. Again, Simple Sign will deal directly with the city planner and e-mail them the installed sign photo, while ensuring our customer is cc’d in the email.

Simple Sign’s All-Inclusive Sign Package 

Our all-inclusive sign package makes the sign ordering process easy and streamlined for our customers. Simple Sign’s all-inclusive sign package includes: graphic design, design proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and sign removal. Offering these all-inclusive services allows Simple Sign to do all the work for the customer.

The most important part of our all-inclusive sign package is the sign removal. Sign removal allows us to reuse and recycle all the sign materials. Not only is this good for the environment and communities we work within, it saves our customers the time, cost, and effort in disposing of signs themselves. To learn more about Simple Sign’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact, click here.

If you would like to order a Corrugated Sign, please visit our Sign Quote Page.

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