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Corrugated Signs- Common Uses for Corrugated Signs

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Simple Sign is a Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area company specializing in Corrugated Signs. Why Corrugated Signs? Corrugated Signs are durable and light in weight. They can withstand Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area weather conditions and have a useful life of many years. The best thing about Corrugated is it can be reused and recycled. In fact, Simple Sign includes sign removal in our all-inclusive sign package. This ensures that our Corrugated Signs stay out of landfills. We reuse a majority of our signs and, in cases where the Corrugated Sign cannot be reused, we ensure the material is recycled.

To learn more about Simple Sign reducing our environmental impact, click here.

Corrugated Signs are often used by Architects, Developers, Construction Companies, and Real Estate Agents. There are various application for Corrugated Signs, but the most common uses include:

Development Signs

In all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipalities it is common to see Development Signs. Development Signs are required to inform the public of a potential development on a property. In the past, Development Signs were often made with plywood. Plywood is very durable, but it weighs and costs more than Corrugated. Today, it is common to see Corrugated Development Signs in all Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipalities. Simple Sign installs many Development Signs in the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area and we are very familiar with the guidelines for each municipality.

Rezoning Signs

Rezoning Signs are very similar to Development Signs. They inform the public that there is a proposed rezoning of the property by the owner. Corrugated Signs are commonly used for Rezoning Signs. After a Rezoning Sign is no longer required, the owner will typically throw the sign away. That’s where Simple Sign’s sign removal service is ideal. We reuses the Corrugated Sign and keep our products out of landfills.

Construction Site Signs

Corrugated Signs are regularly used at construction sites and they are often attached to perimeter fences. Construction companies uses Corrugated Signs to display their company logos, post site rules and regulations, and to provide directions for visitors to the construction sites.

Commercial Real Estate Signs

We drive past Commercial Real Estate Signs every day. Whether it be Form Retail, Colliers, or Marcus & Millichap, the choice material for a majority of Commercial Real Estate Signs is Corrugated. These signs will inform people that a commercial property is being sold or leased. Additionally, the logos and contact information for the commercial realtors are often found on these Corrugated Signs.

General Advertising

Corrugated Signs can be used by any company to display company logos, branding, contact information, and to bring awareness to a promotion. We encourage any company to choose Corrugated Signs as a cost effective way to advertise their business.

No matter what type of Corrugated Sign you may need, Simple Sign is the leading Corrugated Sign company you should choose. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and offer a streamlines and painless ordering process. If you would like a quote for a Corrugated Sign, please click here.

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Simple Sign

Development Signs and Rezoning Signs- How Simple Sign Makes Life Easy for our Customers

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At Simple Sign we specialize in Corrugated Signs for the Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area. Some types of Corrugated Signs that our customers typically order are Development Signs and Rezoning Signs. Development Signs and Rezoning Signs are commonly used by Architects, Development Companies, and home owners. Our customers love working with Simple Sign for a very important reason- we make life easy for them! Simple Sign makes life easy for our customers in two main ways: by dealing directly with our customer’s city planners and by offering an all-inclusive sign service.

Dealing Directly With City Planners 

When there is a development or rezoning of property, a Corrugated Sign is required to inform the public that a development on the property or a rezoning of the property will take place. The city planner will supply directions on what information the sign needs to display and where the sign should be located. That’s where Simple Sign comes in! We take the directions provided by the city planner and create a graphic design for our customer’s sign. During the proofing process, Simple Sign will deal directly with the city planner to get approval for the graphic design. We always cc our customers in every interaction between Simple Sign and the city planner to ensure our customers are up to date on the sign’s status.

Upon proof approval from the city planner, Simple Sign will install the Development Signs or Rezoning Signs. Each Metro Vancouver & the Greater Toronto Area municipality requires a photo of the installed sign to be sent to the city planner. Again, Simple Sign will deal directly with the city planner and e-mail them the installed sign photo, while ensuring our customer is cc’d in the email.

Simple Sign’s All-Inclusive Sign Package 

Our all-inclusive sign package makes the sign ordering process easy and streamlined for our customers. Simple Sign’s all-inclusive sign package includes: graphic design, design proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and sign removal. Offering these all-inclusive services allows Simple Sign to do all the work for the customer.

The most important part of our all-inclusive sign package is the sign removal. Sign removal allows us to reuse and recycle all the sign materials. Not only is this good for the environment and communities we work within, it saves our customers the time, cost, and effort in disposing of signs themselves. To learn more about Simple Sign’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact, click here.

If you would like to order a Corrugated Sign, please visit our Sign Quote Page.

All the best,

Simple Sign

New Vision Projects- Building More Than Just a Name

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New Vision Projects LogoAt Simple Sign, we specialized in Development Permit Signs, Variance Sings, and Rezoning Signs. Long before our customers require Permit Sign they usually deal with a general contracting company, like New Vision Projects. Although New Vision Projects offers many services, their main focuses are:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Home additions
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Deck and outdoor additions
  • Complete home renovations.

For more information on the services that New Vision Projects provides, click here.

The founders of New Vision Projects are Danny Christian and Brandon Smith. For years, the owners of New Vision Projects have built an outstanding reputation for themselves. Their attention to detail, accurate renovation timelines, and quality of work are just some of the company attributes their customers rave about. See what New Vision Projects’ customers are saying here:

Finding the right company for home renovations can be very stressful for a home owner. A company like New Vision Projects knows the value in establishing trust with their clients. They ensure their customers are involved in the renovation planning process, eliminating room for errors and miscommunication. What is the result of careful planning and collaboration between New Vision Projects and their clients? Comfortable, stylish, and modern living spaces that their clients can truly call their own. For photos of New Vision Projects’ work, see their photo gallery here: 

If you are looking for a home renovation, contact Danny or Brandon to set up a meeting. Their contact information is displayed below:

Danny Christian, [email protected], 604-725-3191

Brandon Smith, [email protected], 604-690-1694

All the best,

Simple Sign- Your permit sign specialists

Why does Simple Sign use Corrugated Signs?

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Corrugated PhotoAt Simple Sign, all of our signs are made with Corrugated sheets. Why do we exclusively use Corrugated Signs? It helps Simple Sign to reduce our impact on the environment, while offering our customers a reliable product.

There are three ways using Corrugated Signs enables Simple Sign to reduce our impact on the environment:

Reduce- The Corrugated Sign structure produces superior strength and durability at a lower weight. This enables Simple Sign to offer customers a reliable product, while using less overall material.

Reuse- The sheets can easily be reused from sign to sign. Simple Sign offers an all-inclusive service, including sign removal. Our sign removal makes our customers’ life easier, while allowing us to reuse the Corrugated Signs. The result, better customer service and keeping our products out of landfills.

Recycle- At the end of Corrugated’s useful life, it can easily be recycled. When a Corrugated sheet can no longer be used, Simple Sign ensures that the material is recycled, rather than ending up in a landfill.

For more information on Corrugated products, click here


Simple Sign- Your permit sign specialists